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[WEBINAR SERIES] Time For Change Deep Dive Series

Join experts from C1, Microsoft and Pexip to learn how to leverage the power of collaboration tools to save costs, optimize efficiency and modernize your business.

  • June 8, 2021  |  Integrating Voice into Teams Collaboration
  • June 15, 2021  |  Contact Center + Teams = Full Featured Intelligent Communication
  • June 22, 2021  |  Bridging the Gap Between Legacy Video and Modern Meetings
  • June 29, 2021  |  Seamless Transition with Managed Services
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Do your communication needs require a proprietary solution? Then let us know how you want to communicate – with employees, with customers, with the world – and we’ll make it happen. LEARN MORE
Getting the team together. With today’s technology it’s never been easier, or the conversation more robust. We provide truly collaborative environments that include video, screen sharing, file sharing, whiteboarding and many other features that can get messages across in a fraction of the time. LEARN MORE

Email serves a purpose, but it also has its limitations. What happens when you send an email? Do you know if the recipient has read your email? Or, if they’re even at their computer? With IM and presence you can get what potentially could have turned into a long drawn out email conversation in the past done in minutes. Escalate from an IM chat to a call, or even to a full video conference, if needed, with the click of your mouse. Remove the wasted time and reduce meetings for meeting’s sake by allowing your workforce to get information right now. LEARN MORE

With more and more individuals looking to use their own personal mobile devices in business and educational settings, the need for communications systems to support those requests is becoming more and more critical. Phones and tablets are becoming the most common mode of communication and rarely are they a part of the enterprise environment. Why not embrace the change and support your workforce? We make it easy for them to connect to your internal networks and know which device is welcome, and which device is not. LEARN MORE
From the phone on your desk to placing phone calls from your desktop, telephony has expanded exponentially in the digital age, and we’re the experts at keeping the phone lines open. No matter how many different suppliers you’ve worked with and no matter how large you want to grow. For example, Session Internet Protocol (SIP) is the current technology everyone is converting to, but are you ready for it? LEARN MORE


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A Shared Virtual Office

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All the World's a Stage

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Cloud Telehealth




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