Tech Trends Financial Institution Contact Centers Must Adopt

Posted by ConvergeOne + Avaya on Oct 27, 2020 10:00:00 AM

Our research results reinforce key technology trends that continue to impact the future of the contact center and the overall experience it can provide to its customers and employees. These trends have transitioned from nice-to-have to essential. To adapt and outpace the competition, financial institution contact centers will need to adopt the following technology trends to offer best-in-class service to both their customers and employees.

Predicting Customer Behavior

Customer interactions are no longer stand-alone activities. In fact, customers are demanding a more comprehensive and consistent experience. The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) creates smarter, more intuitive interactions that both improve agent productivity and increase customer satisfaction. ConvergeOne offers an Avaya artificial intelligence solution to enhance human decision-making, simplify operations, and automate processes. This solution allows you to serve your customers even better with self-service, chatbots, virtual assistants, and machine learning. It even allows you to pair customers with the right agents to ensure a more productive engagement.

Adoption and Integration of Self-Service Applications

The rise of self-service applications is pushing contact centers to put a greater emphasis on providing information to customers consistently and quickly across a variety of platforms to address their issues. Customers are looking for more options to communicate with organizations on the channels they prefer. A key area identified previously was a reduction in staffing and operational costs, chatbots, and easy-to-navigate FAQs can help. ConvergeOne offers a full range of Avaya self-service applications, including mobile, voice, chatbots, and web integration. To maximize sales and customer satisfaction, it has become critical to engage customers with the right information, at the right time, through the channel they choose.

Creating Personalized Experiences

Customers are looking for experiences tailored to meet their specific needs. Quick access to the right knowledge helps agents enhance the customer experience. Accessibility allows agents to:

  • Create personalized interactions, leading to increased customer satisfaction and reduced contact times
  • Improve operational efficiencies
  • Navigate through many screens necessary to deliver a great experience
  • Increase customer engagement

ConvergeOne offers a solution that consolidates information from multiple sources and helps guide agents with the information they need so they can deliver a more efficient, accurate, and personalized customer experience. To deliver the experience customers expect today, agents need the ability to see the entire customer journey and quickly drill down on the information provided throughout the journey. In this way, they are better informed and do not have to ask the customer to repeat themselves.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Organizations can proactively respond to the trending needs of customers with real-time insights and analytics to provide an enhanced understanding of customer behavior. More organizations are taking advantage of advanced business intelligence to turn data into useful and actionable insights.

ConvergeOne offers a solution that allows you to collect an extensive set of call, session, and application record details that can be presented within fully customizable web-based reports. This solution provides you with a holistic view of key customer experiences and operations data to make more intelligent decisions.

Partnering with ConvergeOne and Avaya to Drive Digital Transformation

ConvergeOne provides a full range of consultative solutions, provisioning, and support of Avaya’s Contact Center and Collaboration solutions across a variety of deployment models. These solution elements are identified within the study for digital transformation for your contact center.

Together, ConvergeOne and Avaya solutions deliver an integrated experience designed to help you maximize efficiency, enhance customer experience, and build top-line growth. Our vast industry knowledge allows us to take a holistic approach of your business to provide solutions tailored to meet your unique needs and budget, fit your contact center infrastructure, and integrate with your business processes. We offer an array of value-added services to help you achieve the utmost in reliability and performance from your contact center solution while keeping your costs under control.

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