CX: Helping a Leading BPO Deliver Future-Proof Experiences

Posted by ConvergeOne + Avaya on Jun 18, 2020 10:00:00 AM

Everise is an award-winning experience company with over 12,000 global agents, servicing over 20 languages, delivering CX transformation to enterprises from the Fortune 500, to the world’s most beloved unicorns, to high growth tech startups.

Servicing a variety of core industries, including Technology, Travel and Healthcare, meant Everise had to adhere to customers’ compliance requirements, including PCI and HIPAA compliance. Its existing phone systems had been used to the full extent of their financial and technical life. As technology had become outdated and Everise wanted to live up to their purpose of elevating experiences, they needed to upgrade their core phone systems and call recording capabilities.

To be a leader in their industry, Everise wanted to move away from spending capital money, instead, looking to adopt a more agile pricing structure. Doing so would more accurately align with their billing policies, which happen on a usage basis (i.e., how many phone calls it took). They needed to match their cost structure with their revenue structure.

Having to pay money upfront with the hope that the customers would use the system would not benefit them; instead, they desired for its underlying technology to be bundled into the services they provided. For this reason, a modern “As-a-Service” model was the most future-forward model from a financial and technology perspective.

Everise desired to partner with a market-leading provider who could manage phone systems in an agile, efficient and reliable way. Further, the IT department wished to move away from devoting time and resources to the care and feeding of their systems so that they could instead dedicate more time to being customer-focused. At the same time, Everise needed their phone systems up-to-date and running seamlessly in order to service their customers and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Finally, they needed a solution that could efficiently scale with their growth.


Agile Customer Experience

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