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Whether it’s assessing your current communications status, planning for what’s next or implementing a customized solution, ConvergeOne has the resources needed to keep the conversation going.


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Implementation and Integration for Immediate, Long-Term Solutions

Implementation and Integration for Immediate, Long-Term Solutions

Communications integration is the key to a well-run organization. Without communication there is no collaboration or ability to get work done. Our expertise, professional resources, state-of-the-art tools, and focused approach integrate your communications so they deliver a competitive advantage and ROI for your business. We get it right from the beginning by offering services that help customers maximize quality and minimize risks.

A professionally integrated communications solution begins with a professional communications assessment.

At ConvergeOne that assessment begins with a Network Quality Assurance Review (QAR). With this we are able to determine whether your existing or planned network can support VoIP and includes recommendations on how to prepare it, followed by a simulated voice traffic insertion that tests the resulting audio quality. Our QAR also supports video and wireless conferencing to determine bandwidth requirements to support high-quality video transactions for video conferencing.

Then there’s our security assessment review (SAR). With this, we help you identity and expose the risks and assist you in developing a risk mitigation strategy using our best-of-breed services solution. It gives piece of mind, knowing that you have identified potential risks and taken the necessary steps to prevent them from impacting your communications – and your business.

We also can perform an assessment of your contact center, either on-site or remotely. Our traffic theory experts analyze your current and anticipated call volume to determine your requirements for agents, IVR ports, and trunk capacity. That helps us learn how your company works and find ways to enhance the caller experience, improve agent productivity, and document and verify an efficient call-flow design.

And since collaboration is so key to a smooth flowing workplace, we also can provide you with a proprietary unified communications design assessment. With this, you work with our experts to explore your needs and create a UC strategy that integrates best-of-breed functionality to meet your communications needs today — as well as one that maximizes the return on your investment for tomorrow.

It’s only once a thorough assessment is done that we can begin designing and implementing an end-to-end solution that’s tailored to your business.


Contact Center Consulting That Drives Business

While we offer a wide range of services designed to help you maximize your communications investment and minimize risk, sometimes existing solutions don’t quite meet your needs. In those cases, we offer expert consulting services to develop custom applications and call center service offerings that help build your bottom line. These consulting services include:


Business Assessment Services


With ConvergeOne’s Solution Value Analysis, your automation and self-service needs are thoroughly evaluated, and our recommendations on how to make improvements to these are presented to you. The Solution Value Analysis will involve:

  • Interviews with managers, supervisors and agents
  • Research of business and all existing contact channels
  • Identify gaps and opportunities
  • Ensure alignment with the long-term business goals
  • Share results and recommendations


Our Voice Readiness Assessment is voice and network testing that examines network configuration and allows us to understand initially, the impact your network may face from a voice and data perspective. Voice and network testing assures that the solution deployed will successfully align with your organization’s technical and business requirements. The assessment will:

  • Evaluate the network and compare it to best practices
  • Simulate traffic
  • Present findings


Reporting requirements drive the contact center design and configuration of call flows, call types and related ACD functionally. Through a Reporting Assessment we ensure that you have the reports that you and your call center supervisors need to do their job. Through a Reporting Assessment we:

  • Determine how the reporting needs of the business can be met
  • Identify gaps
  • Propose solutions
  • Educate
  • Ensure you have reporting in place on day one


Perhaps you’ve had your current solution for few years, or you’ve made some significant changes to your business objectives. The CCOA can help increase customer satisfaction and operating efficiency as well as empower agents and supervisors with the necessary tools and information. With the CCOA we will:

  • Interview managers, supervisors and agents
  • Identify gaps and opportunities
  • Ensure alignment with long-term business goals
  • Propose best practices and solutions


Deployment and Integration

ConvergeOne uses a six step deployment methodology to ensure your contact center is architected, designed and installed correctly. This six-phased methodology ensures effective and efficient deployment with minimal disruption to your business. By following this methodology, you reduce risk and maximize your return on your investment. Phases include:


We identify the business objectives you are trying to achieve and align your unique requirements with the corresponding technology and applications to best meet those business needs.


We complete a comprehensive evaluation of your network to determine if the existing infrastructure and operational environment is able to support the proposed solution. During the assessment we evaluate network readiness and identify the risks, responsibilities and resources required for the deployment.


We convert the business objectives identified in the previous phases into a detailed design that meets your business and technical requirements and solves your communications challenges.


We take the designs that were created and approved in the Design phase and begin installing, developing, configuring and integrating system components according to the design specifications.


We begin the cut-over to your new collaboration solution and proactively monitor the health and vital signs of the environment.


After the solution has been live for a period of time, you may find there are changes or modifications you wish to make. Optimization covers post-installation services that are not under a maintenance contract including performance audits, hardware and software upgrades, and applications development.


Application Development

ConvergeOne’s team of expert engineers develop widgets and applications from the ground up that are specifically designed to extend the power of your business communications and contact center technology. When functionality isn’t available out of the box, we take it upon ourselves to develop customized applications that will provide the functionality you need to fill any gaps in your Collaboration and Contact Center Solutions. These are a few of the applications we’ve built:


No one likes waiting on hold. With Courtesy Callback your customers can hang up and have the solution hold their place in queue – calling them back when an agent is available. Better yet, let them schedule a callback.


Create and implement customer feedback surveys to ensure your customers are happy and receiving the variety and quality of services they desire.


Do you have customers calling into your contact center that you don’t want to wait on hold? With Top Customer we can configure your solution so when designated customers call in, they automatically move ahead of the call queue.


Decrease application development time, increase application performance and deliver a better customer experience with our IVR Toolkits.

Our Partners

We work with more than 300 technology partners – leading hardware companies and software providers – so we can deliver the right solution for your unique needs. Our experience with these other leading companies enables us to design, implement, manage and support even the most complex multivendor environments. Learn more about our partners.


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