Top 3 Ways Video Helps HR Improve Flexibility

Posted by Luis Berlanga on Mar 12, 2019 10:00:00 AM

Flexibility has become an integral part of Human Resources, or Human Capital Management (HCM). You must have flexible recruiting and hiring strategies that embrace traditional W2 employees and on-demand workers, while also offering flexible work options to attract and retain top talent. Flexibility also extends to your role, as the changing landscape requires HR or HCM professionals to adapt their methodologies and strategies to the modern workforce. Below are a few ways to improve flexibility through video collaboration.

1. Add “Flex-Appeal” to your Hiring

Mercer’s 2018 Global Talent Trends study reveals that while 79% of executives state that flexible working is an essential component of their Employee Value Proposition, they are not necessarily walking the walk. 41% of employees express concerns that taking advantage of flexible working options would negatively impact opportunities for advancement, and a mere 10% of HR leaders state that flexible working options are visibly present within their organization.

Failing to offer and highlight flexible working options is a miss for organizations that wish to recruit and retain top talent, and video collaboration is an essential part of such efforts. You can hire the most sought-after candidate who loves the company but does not want to make the 90-minute commute into the office each day. The parent with the sick child can be at home and still participate in an important meeting. When you provide flexible options for your employees, you are rewarded with a workforce that is happier and more productive.

2. Respond at the Speed of Change

Regulatory changes are a key challenge for companies today. Industry or government regulations often require a change in processes and must be communicated to employees.

Video collaboration allows you to quickly respond and communicate changes to your workforce. You can convene town hall meetings using video to reach large groups of employees in one meeting. You can also record and reference meeting content later for compliance, new hire training, or as a refresher.

3. Tap into the Global Talent Pool

There are no boundaries to recruiting top talent when you employ video. To be a best-in-class company, you need best-in-class talent, and you may not always find that in your own backyard. You can expand your talent development and acquisition strategies by leveraging video collaboration.

Use a video interview to vet remote candidates. A video interview provides the benefits of face-to-face communication without the time and expense of traveling across the world. Video interviews also enable hiring managers in remote locations to participate in the hiring process. Further, you can record a video interview to share with managers not in attendance and review again before making a decision.

As a human resources professional, every strategy, policy, and decision impacts the lifeblood of your organization – people. Video collaboration provides the tools to help recruit, develop, and retain your company’s most important assets.

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