Reasons IT Pros Should Deploy Video Collaboration Solutions

Posted by Luis Berlanga on Jul 16, 2019 10:00:00 AM

Gone are the days when the IT department was relegated to the bottom floor of an office to perform tasks that few in the organization understood. IT professionals today are the innovators, troubleshooters, cybersecurity watchdogs, data masters, and business process experts of the organization. The role of IT has become more critical and complex even as budgets have become compressed.

According to a Gartner CIO Agenda 2019 Report, 49% of enterprises have changed or are in the process of changing their business models to create, deliver, and capture greater value. IT must shift its practices and thinking to drive growth and innovation and provide leadership in an increasingly digital-driven world.

Collaboration solutions can support IT in meeting the mandate of the shifting landscape.

Manage Costs, Deliver Value

IT must manage costs but deliver value to the organization. Form and function are no longer enough, as solutions must also be aspirational and move the organization forward. Collaboration solutions can deliver on that demand. Video-enabled devices allow people to connect and collaborate whether on-site or remote. These solutions are easy to deploy and deliver value by increasing efficiency and productivity.

Navigate the New Boundaries of Work

Even in organizations that discourage remote work or teleworking, there is a need to have workflow processes that extend beyond the office. Your company must still communicate with dispersed locations, customers, suppliers, field workers, partners, investors, and so on. You can introduce tools that allow for richer and more efficient communication across the organization. Video collaboration allows your company to hold Town Hall meetings without exorbitant travel time and costs or respond faster to prospective customers by following up with warm leads through a video meeting.

Humanize Technology

We email, IM, and hold audio conference calls, but these communication methods do not have the same power as face-to-face meetings. You can provide your organization with the experience of meeting in-person with video collaboration tools. Video collaboration allows people to talk naturally, from anywhere. Employees can see and share content, enabling them to work together as if they were in the same room. With the benefit of voice and video, communications are more effective and expedient.

Communicate for a Competitive Advantage

How you communicate internally and externally can be a competitive advantage for your organization. Industry or regulatory changes can be swiftly communicated across the organization using video. You can assemble large groups of employees via video and record the meeting to share with those who could not participate. Video is an effective way to conduct e-training or deliver distance learning. You can also employ video to nurture customer relationships or solve problems that are too complex for phone or chat.

Simplify the Complex

Introducing video collaboration tools can simplify workflows and processes. If your company is expanding through mergers and acquisitions, there are meetings with internal teams, target companies, legal, and more. Traditionally, this may require a great deal of travel for your executive team. Video can dramatically reduce travel time but also accelerate the process. Meetings that would have taken several days or weeks can be conducted in a shorter time frame, resulting in faster decisions. Video can also speed time to market for new products or services by allowing employees to collaborate more effectively.

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