What is AWS End User Computing?

Posted by C1 on Jan 12, 2021 10:00:00 AM

End-User Computing (EUC) refers to computer systems, platforms, and applications that are delivered via network connectivity (or internet) to an end user. EUC has been around for many years, with the customer usually having to buy expensive hardware like servers and storage to stand up the EUC environment.

EUC has been in many organizations over the past two decades, with many enhancements and improvements along the way. With this came challenges on how to keep up with the administration of 2000 VDI sessions or 500 applications being streamed to many users—not to mention how bandwidth is handled, along with the power bills drawn from the data center.

This has all been very relevant in the previous years—that is, until Amazon Web Services (AWS) launched its public cloud subsidiary of Amazon in 2006.

AWS’s End-User Computing offerings have brought a new breadth of technical diversity to organizations, allowing them to deliver desktops and applications securely to any global location.

Amazon WorkSpaces

AWS WorkSpaces is a managed Desktop as a Service (DaaS) provided by AWS that gives organizations on-demand desktop, laptop, iPad, Android, and web access to the virtual desktop look and feel. Amazon WorksSaces is a service in Amazon’s public cloud that removes the expense of purchasing hardware in the data center, as well as the complexity of the configuration and installation of software.

The WorkSpaces configuration can be completed in a few clicks on the AWS management console by using the AWS command line (CLI) or the user interface. AWS WorkSpaces gives the ability to launch a Microsoft Windows or Amazon Linux desktop within a matter of minutes. You can then connect and access the software from your on-premises environment or an external network securely.

The pandemic times we are all in have become challenging times for organizations with work-from-home requirements and educational institutions that must deliver their classes remotely.   WorkSpaces can help your organization or school meet these business challenges without purchasing high-cost hardware and having to pay capital expenditures for a data center. It provides a remarkable user experience, with low latency, very high-quality visualizations, and reliable security.

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