Meeting the Demands on Enterprise Networks

Posted by C1 on Feb 11, 2020 10:00:00 AM

The demands on enterprise networks have never been greater. More and more applications are moving to the cloud, connected endpoints are increasing exponentially, and distributed workforces are demanding secure access and optimal performance wherever they go.

As the pace of digitization accelerates, your network needs to be faster, more reliable, more agile, and more secure than ever before. However, IDC’s SD-WAN Survey 2018 found that many organizations are struggling with wide area network (WAN) challenges, including:

  • Application security risks,
  • Maintenance of distributed network hardware, and
  • Network outages/reliability.

These aren’t the only networking challenges organizations are facing, either. WAN can be cost intensive, considering the high MPLS costs, high costs of adding bandwidth, long provisioning times, and complex support and operations. In addition, WAN can cause issues with adaptability and prevent organizations from responding to business opportunities like cloud and mobility in a timely manner.

How can you overcome these challenges? When searching for an enterprise networking solution, it’s important to seek out the following benefits to ensure the solution can support digital transformation initiatives:

  • Simplify WAN architecture and enhance overall performance and operational agility
  • Improve application availability with multi-layer resiliency and sub-second failover capabilities
  • Reduce MPLS costs and enable reliable delivery of services over any WAN transport
  • Enhance SaaS and IaaS performance by intelligently routing traffic on a per-application basis
  • Accelerate WAN deployments through centralized control and automated overlay provisioning speeding time to revenue/value

ConvergeOne’s Secure SD-WAN Managed Services deliver these benefits while providing the reliability and security your organization needs to succeed. Not only do these services reduce cycle times by accelerating WAN deployments and improving WAN agility, but they also lower WAN operational management costs and enhance experiences, with improved network resiliency and intelligent routing-based application and business priorities.

The Secure SD-WAN solution provides the most proactive and complete SD-WAN offering in the market by combining leading SD-WAN and advanced security technology from Cisco; ITIL-based managed services powered by OnGuard, ConvergeOne’s proprietary and award-winning service delivery platform; and Intelligent Threat Detection and advisory services from Alert Logic.

While the demands on enterprise networks are constantly increasing, they can be met if you invest in the right solution. Make sure you’re asking the right questions and seeking out the right benefits to ensure your network meets your needs—both now and in the future.


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