Engineering Smarter Collaboration with Video

Posted by Luis Berlanga on May 16, 2019 10:00:00 AM

The stakes are high in engineering. You are tasked with driving innovation, but designs must also perform flawlessly in the real world. Collaboration is critical to the process. You must communicate design specifications, work across teams to identify and resolve potential failures, and test your design – all before you can begin product development. Further, you must do it all efficiently and cost effectively.

The marketplace is competitive and long development cycles can affect your position and your revenues. Video collaboration can streamline your workflows and facilitate the efficient sharing of knowledge from engineering to production. Whether you are redesigning a plant or developing a new product, there are a number of intricate processes that must be accurately and efficiently communicated across teams. You can use video collaboration to gather teams across locations and share design and technical information. This enables you to work together in real time and quickly identify and troubleshoot flaws and problem areas.

Video collaboration eliminates the delays and potential miscommunication that occur when you have multiple people and teams working in silos and relying on software, email, or audio-only communication. Video allows you to work as a unit and can shave weeks or even months off of your development cycle. You can even record your work sessions for reference or playback for participants who missed the discussion.

“I've never seen a job being done by a five-hundred-person engineering team that couldn't be done better by fifty people.”
— C. Gordon Bel

In engineering, you are held to infinite goals with finite costs. You must design and build products that produce revenue while also reducing or managing your development costs. How can you meet these seemingly disparate goals without sacrificing quality?

When you have teams and stakeholders distributed across multiple locations, video collaboration allows you to have time-sensitive interactions without the time and expense of travel. Engineering firm Buro Happold reclaimed 3,000 hours per month and saved £250,000 with the use of company-wide video. With video, you can bring your team together for regular knowledge transfer sessions, equipment checks, audits, or problem solving sessions for time-sensitive issues. Video enhances your team’s interactions and accountability and can save you time and money.

Engineering requires precision because failure is not an option. Why shouldn’t you use tools that enable your communications to be precise, as well? Video collaboration allows you to have precise communications across your organization. In a business where details matter, you can have productive working sessions to address the intricacies of design and development. Good communications allow you to get the details right and deliver a better, faster go-to-market process.

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