WATCH NOW: Rinchem Takes a Methodical Approach to Cloud Migration

Posted by C1 on Jul 28, 2022 10:00:00 AM

Rinchem is a chemical management solutions provider with plans to grow by 14-19 sites over the next few years. One of its biggest challenges is gaining the stability needed so that it can provide a reliable network and ensure the availability of all services. With ConvergeOne’s guidance, Rinchem has taken a methodical approach to cloud migration that has allowed it to get to the next generation of technology while having business continuity in place at all times.

“There are vendors and there are partners, and ConvergeOne is certainly a partner. We have cutting-edge technology. We have good, reliable solutions. They’ve really helped take us to the next level,” said Vickie Urias, Director of IT Operations and Corporate PMO, Rinchem.

Watch the Customer Connections videos to see how ConvergeOne helped Rinchem keep up with the pace of business and become more agile with a migration to the cloud.

Rinchem Gets to the Next Generation of Technology


A Methodical Approach to the Cloud Migration

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