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Posted by C1 on Oct 12, 2021 10:00:00 AM

Maintaining an optimized, healthy, and modern IT infrastructure is crucial for the survival of any business. ConvergeOne Managed Services, powered by OnGuard, allows IT staff to rest easy knowing that a highly-skilled team of engineers leveraging an industry-leading management platform are watching over their customer’s environment. OnGuard has been developed by ConvergeOne from real-world engineering insights and decades of experience managing client infrastructures.

OnGuard-Logo-TMWith the release of OnGuard 7, ConvergeOne brings the power and flexibility of the OnGuard platform to an organization’s entire IT infrastructure including Unified Communications, Contact Center, Enterprise Networking, and Data Center. By using OnGuard, IT leaders gain a unified view of all IT assets and can feel confident in the knowledge that ConvergeOne is there to help support and manage their infrastructure.

OnGuard enables continuous IT operations management across all ConvergeOne Managed Services, making operations hassle-free. This quick and adaptable system consolidates monitoring, management, and prevention assistance through such approaches as a single pane of glass, machine learning, and leveraged knowledge. OnGuard is fully developed and maintained by ConvergeOne’s team of industry leaders, allowing for rapid adaptation to each customer’s unique environments, requests, and needs.

By providing a service management platform that supports today’s advanced data center, cloud, network, and communication technologies, ConvergeOne delivers actionable data to drive informed decisions for service improvement and automation. This allows OnGuard to improve each organization’s overall system availability through increased Mean Time Between Failures and reduced Mean Time to Repair.


ConvergeOne is a proven, services-led, cloud solution provider that utilizes our intellectual property and unique methodologies to create value for our customers; and, together, we develop progressive solutions that connect people with purpose. With decades of Managed Services experience, ConvergeOne has proven success with OnGuard. Today, this equates to thousands of current US-based and international customers, over 3 million ports and devices under management, and millions of proactively managed alarms. This depth and breadth of expertise means that ConvergeOne has the Managed Services experience and service delivery platform to solve any organization’s IT service challenges and proactively anticipate what’s next.

OnGuard delivery is audited to ensure that best practices are utilized throughout the solution life cycle, following all compliance regulations including SOC II, PCI, and HIPAA guidelines.

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Technology may not always be reliable—but ConvergeOne is. With OnGuard, we immediately respond to changes in your technology or business environments, so we’ll handle the problem before you, or your customers, notice it. Learn more about OnGuard with a free demonstration today.

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