How to Lead Your Industry in the Era of Rapid Change

Posted by C1 on Jan 28, 2020 10:00:00 AM

It’s no secret that CEOs desire to lead their industry with the help of digital transformation. According to Gartner’s 2018 CEO Survey, 78% of CEOs believe that their companies are either industry pioneers or fast followers. In order to maintain the pioneer title, CEOs are looking to their CIOs and IT departments to continually drive transformation efforts that bring immediate value to the business.

What complicates matters is that the IT industry is constantly changing, as well. Tech giants like Cisco are transforming their buying models from the traditional hardware and software relationship to a more digital model. In the era of digital infrastructure, how software is consumed has drastically changed, and with change comes challenges.

Customers today are constantly challenged with learning new buying models, delivery techniques, and consumption options to achieve their critical business outcomes. Because change is occurring at such a rapid pace, organizations require an accelerated process to reaching their desired business outcomes, which goes hand-in-hand with driving software adoption.

ConvergeOne Adoption Services are a simple way to reduce your time-to-value realization for your purchased software solutions, increase overall adoption, and elevate the customer experience. ConvergeOne’s Customer Success Managers utilize a prescriptive engagement framework as they work with key stakeholders and lines of business to collaborate on new solution objectives, understand how personas are impacted, and prioritize business outcomes.

ConvergeOne’s Engagement Framework

  • Discover
    • Set baseline desired business outcomes and goals with key stakeholders
  • Connect
    • Align persona-based use cases to desired outcomes, goals, and features/functionality of the solution
  • Enable
    • Create and execute an adoption success plan to achieve desired outcomes, enable use cases, and mitigate adoption barriers
  • Inform
    • Identify impacted business process, nominate a change champion(s), and execute a communication plan to increase awareness and adoption
  • Monitor
    • Validate successful business outcomes, monitor consumption, plan for future growth, and prepare for renewal events

Customers can leverage ConvergeOne Adoption Services with any Cisco Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) subscription or Enterprise Agreement for Security, Collaboration, Data Center, and Enterprise Networking solutions. As a Cisco Gold Partner for more than a decade, ConvergeOne has deep expertise across Cisco’s entire portfolio. Recently, ConvergeOne received the Cisco CX Advanced Specialization, which is the highest-level Cisco CX business specialization available. Cisco has only awarded this badge to 30 US partners, including ConvergeOne.

Cisco has also continually recognized ConvergeOne as one of its top partners for demonstrating innovation, business growth, alignment with Cisco's strategic priorities, and a commitment to Cisco and its customers. Since 2011, ConvergeOne has received 21 awards from Cisco, including US Central Software Partner of the Year, US Central Architectural Excellence Partner of the Year: Security, and US West SLED Partner of the Year for 2019.

Take advantage of ConvergeOne Adoption Services to accelerate time to value and adoption – all while gaining a trusted partner and advisor that will help you navigate the complex and constantly changing IT industry.

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