Going Mobile to Keep Customers from Going Elsewhere

Posted by Kathy Sobus on Nov 6, 2018 10:00:00 AM

Has your business undergone the transformation it needs to thrive in an increasingly mobile-driven world? Enacting a bring your own device (BYOD) policy and making your employees accessible anywhere, with any device, is a good start. According to a KPMG survey, 74% of executives who work for highly profitable companies say they have a mobile-enabled workforce.

However, mobile transformation must extend beyond the confines of your workforce. A mobile mind shift is occurring, and consumers are increasingly turning to mobile devices to address their everyday needs. You must meet customers where they are—on their mobile devices—in order to accommodate their evolving expectations, or you’ll risk losing them to competitors who fully embrace the mobile mind shift.

Fully embracing mobile requires an understanding that it is not limited to smartphones and tablets. Wearables, devices, machines, BOTs, virtual assistants, the Internet of Things (IoT)—the list goes on and on. This means you must proactively determine which mobile technology investments will have the greatest impact on your business, empowering you to deliver compelling mobile moments that promote revenue growth and enhance the customer experience.

The needs of the customer should always remain at the center of your transformation efforts, with mobile serving as a catalyst for innovation. Ask yourself how your customers use, or how they would like to use, mobile devices to engage with your business.

Consumers are browsing, researching, and making purchases online now more than ever, and this will only increase. They expect to receive the same support and guidance that they would during an in-store visit. Creating a mobile-friendly presence is crucial, as it serves as another useful entryway into your business. Did you know that, according to a Forrester study, two-thirds of corporate websites fail to make a good first impression when browsed on mobile devices? This is an opportunity to have great competitive advantage!

We recommend creating a consistent experience across all channels, from your traditional website, to your mobile website, to mobile apps. Mobile also provides you with the opportunity to inject personalization into your interactions with customers.

“57% of organizations are already using mobile apps, and 44% are already using mobile texting, to engage with customers one-on-one.”
— PwC and Forbes Insights survey

Mobile moments will also be the key to unlocking and unifying IoT experiences and engagement scenarios, so it is imperative that you integrate mobile with other relevant connected devices in order to enhance the customer experience.

Mobile is much more than a channel. It should be an important—and fully integrated—component of your business strategy to ensure that you are making the most of its potential. The time is NOW to incorporate a mobile strategy into your overall customer experience strategy. This will allow you to keep pace with the expectations of your customers in this increasingly mobile-driven world.

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Kathy Sobus
Kathy Sobus  -- As the Senior Director of Customer Experience Strategy for ConvergeOne, Kathy Sobus leads a team with extensive experience in the contact center business and drives strategic alliances and partnerships with various vendors and providers. She is an expert in the area of customer experience and helps clients enhance their contact centers to more effectively respond to their customers’ ever-changing needs.