Data Center Operations: What Keeps You Up At Night?

Posted by Tony Ocampo on Nov 30, 2021 10:02:36 AM

Every time I meet with a customer, there are always several data center concerns that weigh heavily on their minds. For many, it’s the fear that a bad actor that will destroy, steal, or compromise data. Others worry about enduring a site failure that takes down the data center and having to failover to an alternate site, with the hope that everything shifts without a hitch while under a lot of stress. Many wonder if they can recover data in a real-time human error event. Others have a simpler question: Will my systems perform to the demands of the business?

There are several objectives and outcomes that most IT organizations require to maintain service levels, whether it’s a business that needs to be profitable or a public agency that must be able to endlessly provide service to the community, school, or city. When I’m designing a data center, I listen to those key points that help me clue into an architecture that meets those needs. If those objectives cannot be met, then organizations struggle to operate and, in most cases, the technical folks get the blame. 

The good news? There are no shortage of solutions or products that can meet customers’ needs. 

The bad news? In a competitive market, businesses must shop between many vendors for the right solution. However, many vendors sell “products” that maximize profits rather than solve for a problem or arrive at a desired outcome. 

My team and I shine at putting together comprehensive and financially sensible data center designs, with our combined years of operational and architectural experience around different data center competencies. We have workshops to extract the information from our customers in a structured, non-intrusive manner. We take that information and convert it into an architecture that encompasses technologies in compute, storage, networking, virtualization, cloud, security, and data protection. All of these steps are absolutely necessary to address the one or several issues that the customer is looking for to keep the data center running smoothly and resiliently.

So, I ask a different question: What can we do to make you sleep better at night?


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Tony Ocampo
Tony Ocampo  -- Tony Ocampo has been a Senior Data Center Solutions Architect with ConvergeOne since 2012. With over 30 years of experience, he specializes in designing and implementing complex, enterprise-level data center solutions. He is the National Cyber Recovery technical lead, which showcases his abilities in data center virtualization, data protection, and availability. Helping organizations achieve data center resiliency is his passion.