Overcoming Paralyzing IT issues when Migrating to the Cloud

Posted by C1 on Dec 7, 2020 5:12:17 PM

The thought of migrating your entire business, with all its complexities, to the cloud, can feel daunting. However, the need to modernize has never been more urgent. In fact, it is estimated that 81% of companies with 1,000 employees or more have a multi-platform strategy. The number is expected to rise to more than 90% by 2024. Financially, worldwide spending on public cloud services is expected to grow to 73%, from $160B to $277B between 2018 and 2021

Work and workforces are being confronted with a “new norm” that requires agility, a deep understanding of technology, and a willingness to constantly change and evolve. More and more of your workforce is expected to deliver remotely, managing multi-siloed workstreams all while leveraging existing technologies that don’t always cooperate. 

The Issues of Adoption 

Let’s talk about the seemingly monumental stress IT departments feel when attempting a seamless migration to the cloud. The issues can often paralyze your team, sending some organizations back into the dark ages as they avoid adoption. However, adapting and succeeding as you create the ultimate digital workplace is not only possible—it's easier than you think.  

So what are the most common roadblocks to migration?

First, let’s take a look at some of the issues that might be holding you back. Here is a ranking of the top five perceived issues IT departments face when considering a migration to the cloud.  

Top Five Issues IT Departments Face:

    Concerns about protecting the privacy of customers top our list. The fear of a cloud data breach keeps many companies from taking the leap.  
    Unknown costs surrounding newly adopted cloud-based solutions drive the second biggest roadblock to migration.
    Many businesses feel their team is already stretched thin with little time to train their IT departments sufficiently for a pain-free transition to the cloud. 
    Concerns about managing multi-siloed work streams with built-in fears about cross-functional interaction can delay a move to the cloud.
    The perceived lack of resources or reliable expertise in executing, maintaining, and managing a move to the cloud can stand in the way.**** 


With security and privacy issues at the top of the list, cloud security has been forced to come a long way, with top providers constantly updating and innovating to create a solid line of defense against cyber-attacks and data breaches. 

Although financial concerns run a close second, with a fear of hidden or unknown fees, the reality is that by applying economies of scale, many cloud companies are running 50,000 physical servers or more in a single location. This will bring an organization's costs way down. It’s better to share the load when it comes to operating your business and storing and securing your data in the cloud. 

Let the Right Solution Partner Guide You

While it is currently estimated that a third** of companies’ IT budget goes to cloud services, a lack of staff training is also high on that list. The reality is, most aspects of the cloud are designed and managed in vastly different ways than on-premise architectures. IT managers are tasked with training their in-house IT with a new set of skills when migrating massive portions of applications and data into third-party service provider networks.  

According to Forbes, 32% of all IT budgets will be allocated to the cloud by 2021. This number continues to rise as more companies rely on cloud solutions. With the right solution partner that’s adept at executing a seamless transition, companies gain access to valuable knowledge from experts who can provide IT departments with the new skills needed. A key benefit to finding a partner who can guide your organization through all the stages of migration and beyond is lowering your costs and risks simultaneously.

Simplify your Transition to the Cloud 

The global public cloud service market is projected to reach $266 billion in 2020.

With customer needs growing more complex every day, there is no better time to switch to the cloud.  

ConvergeOne, one of Avaya’s largest business partners, will provide expert developers who leverage proven frameworks and toolsets from hundreds of successful cloud development projects. 

From unifying multi-siloed workstreams and enabling cross-functional communication, CovergeOne and Avaya will help your organization power through the usual roadblocks and move your business forward into the future. 

Plus, your cloud project will be designed and implemented by a dedicated crew of professionals working around the clock to protect your organization’s data and state-of-the-industry cloud security solutions designed to keep your information safe.

It all starts with a proven ConvergeOne WAVES assessment of your existing infrastructure and technology, which allows our team to create a customized adoption plan—one that transforms your business with tailored, strategic approaches that are created with your needs in mind. This will allow you to move beyond your current efficiency issues and save time, manpower, and money.

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