How to Overcome Clashing Data Center Strategies

Posted by Domenick Wissel on Sep 13, 2018 10:00:00 AM

Acquisitions can present a variety of challenges. When two companies have very different cultures, it can be difficult to bring them together in a way that satisfies employees from both original companies. Productivity can suffer when employees are stripped of the tools that help them do their jobs effectively.

A ConvergeOne customer recently experienced these challenges. The bank was acquired by a similarly sized residential bank that had an entirely different culture and mindset. The other bank’s data center environment suffered from unnecessary complexity and redundant products that led to duplicate costs from a solution and management standpoint. ConvergeOne’s customer operated in a much leaner and more agile manner, leveraging our managed services to focus on strategic growth. The residential bank was hesitant to adapt to ConvergeOne’s more progressive approach.

The merging banks needed to come together as one unified company, with efficient and effective systems. The chief operating officer (COO) also wished to reduce the data center’s complexity and move to a state where the IT staff could focus on executing strategic objectives rather than the maintaining the systems.

The Solution: Reducing Data Center Complexity

ConvergeOne developed a solution that addressed the concerns of both banks and effectively integrated their systems, allowing communication to become more fluid across branches. ConvergeOne was able to equip all 1,100 users with the tools they needed and felt comfortable using, thereby enhancing the employee experience and improving change management by reducing negative sentiments about the acquisition.


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