How CIOs Can Evolve IT for the Digital World

Posted by C1 on Nov 5, 2019 10:00:00 AM

Digital transformation is a requirement for businesses that wish to remain competitive, and the constant state of innovation is fundamentally transforming today’s enterprise network and data center infrastructures at a rapid pace. Consequently, IT today is very different from what it used to be a few years ago. IT must balance the following considerations on a daily basis:

  • Enabling digital transformation with modern infrastructures
  • Maximizing uptime and availability
  • Reducing costs and mitigating risk
  • Enhancing the security posture
  • Improving quality of service, productivity, and speed with proactive service management fueled by continuous improvement
  • Freeing internal resources for more strategic business initiatives

To operate in this shifting landscape, IT organizations must adapt to the way the digital world works or risk being left behind. CIOs are therefore under enormous pressure to provide differentiated digital innovations – all while they continue to support existing systems that run the enterprise on a daily basis. The problem is that IT must evolve at a pace that’s difficult for many CIOs and their teams to meet.

The foundational elements of effective and efficient digital innovation are the enterprise network and data center infrastructures, as they are what applications run on. Digital innovation requires more modern and scalable enterprise networks and data center infrastructures. The CIO’s challenge with these underlying infrastructures is in determining how to deploy, manage, and secure both the legacy and next-generation infrastructures while at the same time providing new and innovative solutions that support the business. Managing these initiatives in-house has become a costly time drain that strains IT personnel and distracts them from higher-value projects, such as building and deploying new digital applications.

Looking beyond internal resources helps CIOs manage the unprecedented pace of IT evolution. This is where ConvergeOne can come to the rescue. With our new Manage offer, ConvergeOne will manage the enterprise network and data center infrastructures, enhancing the availability and security of both legacy and modern infrastructures with purpose-built service solutions that are delivered by highly ranked service engineers and backed by intelligent automation. This leaves the CIO’s internal team free to focus on developing the innovations the business needs – allowing them to evolve IT for the digital world.


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