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Anticipate and exceed customer expectations through any channel, in any way, anytime.

What if you could WOW every customer, every time they contact you, with every interaction?
You can. Make It Personal with C1Conversations.

One of the biggest challenges facing businesses today is how to transform their customer-first passion into a truly unparalleled experience. Oftentimes organizations are stuck in the early stages of digital transformation or unable to fully utilize existing investments to exceed customer expectations.

Only ConvergeOne can provide your business with a technology-agnostic, end-to-end customer engagement experience that seamlessly connects and integrates voice and digital technologies.

C1Conversations offers a full array of AI/Bot Solutions, ranging from an “AI Starter package” with simple ConvergeOne-developed Virtual Assistants, to more sophisticated Bots sourced through strategic partnerships with Industry-leading AI/Bot providers.

C1Conversations is a ConvergeOne-Hosted offering, providing all the benefits of a full-managed Cloud solution, including consumption-based pricing, easy “futureproof” expansion, and no need to invest in expensive infrastructure or in-house IT resources to manage the solution.

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“At ConvergeOne, we provide a clear path to bridge the technology gap and deliver a personal, flexible customer engagement experience our clients’ customers deserve.”

Mark Langanki, Chief Technology Officer, ConvergeOne

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[Pandemic Virtual Assistant ]

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See C1Conversations in Action

With C1Conversations, brands have a platform to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives, without the fear of further fragmenting their service with point solutions, and C1Conversations is the simplest architecture to adopt, as it meets you where you are, requiring no "rip and replace" of your existing communications solutions. 

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