There are more than 3,000 four-year colleges and universities in the U.S. About 90% of them see fewer than 70% of students graduate within six years. Clearly, student retention is a big goal for provosts and other institutional leaders. Higher Education is seeking ways to engage students to not only keep them rooted to the campus community but also ensure they graduate. Additionally, as campuses expand within their own footprint or to new locations, they look to modernize and future-proof infrastructure.

Institutions of higher education also provide an easy target for cybercrime. The FTC reports that college students are three times more likely to lose money from fraud than older adults. Academic research is also a target for espionage.

ConvergeOne unlocks new potential for Higher Ed, leaning into a breadth of “5x4” solutions to create richer connections, stronger engagement and cybersecurity.

  • Immersive Classroom experiences give students a front-row seat to content and conversation, from wherever, without sacrificing academic standards or limiting the instructor’s ability to teach
    • Studies show that more than one-fourth of a student’s time in class is “off-task” ⏤ meaning they’re tuned out and disengaged
    • So, we thoughtfully design experiences to promote student success: incorporating features like cinematic video cuts, defined digital workspaces for student discussion and active service monitoring to optimize presentation quality
Higher Education

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When a medical school acquired more than 20 clinics from a competing university, ConvergeOne built a full data center stack and managed the entire handover process to facilitate a very complex cutover within one day of the school assuming ownership ⏤ with no interruptions or outages.

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As a prestigious NCAA institution weathered significant turnover in mid and upper level IT, ConvergeOne was trusted to streamline operations with network automation, self-service student and staff portals, cloud elastic solutions, and vastly-increased wireless coverage of 20,000 APs, allowing leadership to get ahead of problems and think forward.

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A Private, non-profit university’s rapid expansion to 8 California campuses required ConvergeOne’s multi-manufacturer expertise to hold the institution together with an underlying communications and video fabric, enabling distance learning rooms with an eye on scalability and immersive learning for the long-term needs of a growing organization.

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Reduced enrollment and budget cuts at a historic community college in the Midwest strained IT leadership to find efficiencies with ConvergOne specialists, who provided a complementary assessment of the data center environment and discovered licensing and operational savings with the hyperconverged environment that was right for them, and put them on track to meet their disaster recovery and storage demands.

Other solutions and applications include:


  • Reliable, cross-campus access including outdoor spaces
  • Off-campus wireless solutions placed throughout the community to students needing connectivity
  • Web portal and presence applications
  • Contact centers with next-generation intelligent routing, scaled with needs, to create incredible student experiences and first impressions as well as quickly connect callers to desired services
  • Security/emergency detection and notification
  • Workshop and assessment of network Infrastructure, cybersecurity, collaboration tools, policies and processes
  • Day-Zero attack readiness
  • Cost comparison of a complete system rebuild with/without a cyber recovery system
  • Development of a Cyber Recovery Vault; a fully isolated on-premises data center for “saferoom” repository/recovery; and immutable backup replica repository
  • Creation of runbook and simulated cyber recovery event for staff training
  • Development of governance procedures

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